Spinning Salt Spreader

The range of spinning salt spreaders are designed to work with any salt, including wet rock salt.

Pedestrian wheel driven; Heavy Duty
Heavy duty gearbox, adjustable handle, adjustable spreading width, adjustable spread quantity.
P40 - 2200m2 spread on full load - 40 litres
Fitted with agitator and salt bout limiter as standard.

XS Tractor mounted; PTO driven Stainless steel disc salt spreader
XS200 - 200 Litres
XS400 - 400 Litres
Agitator & Bout limiter fitted as standard.

SCU Dal Cero tractor mounted salt spreader
Patented agitator system. Stainless steel hopper, agitator and spreading disc. Also comes complete with road lighting and hydraulic shut off. Adjustable spread width from 2.00m – 6.00m.

600 ltr - 35,000m2 spread on full load
1000ltr - 50,000m2 spread on full load

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